CollaborationToday WebsiteCollaborationToday website application Live preview of new versions here:
Connection Spider ProjectConnection Spider ProjectOCCSPConnections Spider is a Node.js based replacement for the connections Search enginge. The Target is to make search extensible
CrossWorldsCrossWorldsCWCrossWorlds Project
Darwino-ConnectionsDarwino-ConnectionsDCONNDarwino Connections integration
Darwino GraphQLDarwino GraphQLDWOGQLDarwino GraphQL Implementation
Darwino Internal User RegistryDarwino Internal User RegistryDWOIURNo description
Darwino Vaadin-SamplesDarwino Vaadin-SamplesDWOVAADSAll Samples for the Vaading integration in Darwino
Domino ExplorerDomino ExplorerDOMEXAnalysis tool for Domino environments regarding databases, ACLs, people and groups. Finds empty groups and useless ACL entries. Uses the Extension Library and the OpenNTF Domino API.
DOTSDOTSDOTSSourcecode of DOTS (Domino OSGI Tasklet Service)
Generic JSON APIGeneric JSON APIJSONNo description
Homepage 4 Domino ServerHomepage 4 Domino ServerONTFHPDSNo description
IP ManagementIP ManagementIPMTools for OpenNTF IP Management
Jackson4XPagesJackson4XPagesONTFJACKXPNo description
Key DatesKey DatesKEYDATESDemo app behind blog series
OpenLogOpenLogOPENLOGProject for all OpenLog-related projects
OpenNTF Domino APIOpenNTF Domino APIODAOpenNTF Drop-in replacement for lotus.domino API supporting many new features.
OpenNTFs Ads ControlOpenNTFs Ads ControlONTFADSCONOpenNTF Ads Control
OpenNTF's Watson Workspace Client for Eclipse / Lotus NotesOpenNTF's Watson Workspace Client for Eclipse / Lotus NotesWWC4ELNA small POC to figure out if a client implementaiton for Watson Workspace is possible
OpenNTF WF MaschineOpenNTF WF MaschineWFNew Workflow / State Maschine for XPages and more
OsgiWorldsOsgiWorldsOSGIWORLDSOsgiWorlds, for running Vaadin apps on Domino using OpenNTF Domino API (v2.0.0+)
P2 ToolsP2 ToolsP2TDomino-specific tools for dealing with old-style Eclipse update sites and p2 repositories
Social SDKSocial SDKSBTSDK für den Zugriff auf IBM Connections
Watson Workspace APIWatson Workspace APIWWAPIAPI für Watson Workspace
XLogbackXLogbackXLBXLogback is a Logback integration into Domino platform for Plugin/XPages/DOTS projects.
XPages Designer Plugin 4 EclipseXPages Designer Plugin 4 EclipseXDPENo description
XPagesSDK for EclipseXPagesSDK for EclipseXSPSDKXPages SDK for Eclipse
XRest APIXRest APIXRAPIREST API Router for Domino Application